We help to keep your workers healthy and active

What is occupational health physiotherapy?

Occupational health (OH) physiotherapy is a specialization within the field of physiotherapy. Its goal is to promote the work ability of all workers (healthy, with a temporary health problem, chronic condition or work disability. OH physiotherapists help to prevent and alleviate work-related musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, neck pain etc) and promote physical work ability.

Physiotherapist is the expert of movement and musculoskeletal system – vital in the situation where 50% of lost working days and 60% of permanent work disability are caused by musculoskeletal disorders. OH physiotherapy deals with prevention on three levels: primary prevention (assessment of physiological/ergonomic risk factors in the workplace, increasing workers’ awareness, teaching ergonomic working postures and movements, systematic approach to physical health promotion etc), secondary prevention (tackling the acute physical health problems) and tertiary prevention (sustaining and promoting the work ability of people with movement disorders and chronic health conditions).

Our services

  • Workplace assessment (physiological/ ergonomic risk factors)
  • Physiotherapy assessment
  • Practical training (Healthy office work, Coping with chronic pain etc)
  • Workplace health promotion
  • Therapeutic exercise in the workplace
  • Consultations for workers with chronic conditions / work disability
  • Return to work programs
  • Consultations for assistive devices

We provide our services primarily in Estonia but also in the European Union. Working languages: Estonian, English, Russian, French.